Just remembered something

This is just a really unimportant thing but I’m wracking my brain to know if this happened or is in my head.
A man came up to me and we started talking. I told him I was trying to quit smoking and i was using my vape. He pulled a massive vape out of his jacket pocket and offered for me to try it. I of course said no thanks.
Here’s the reason I think this may not have actually happened is I very rarely have conversations with strangers.
On the real side i would never take a drag from someone else vape or anything. I am not one to “share” anything that touches anyone else’s mouth.
This feels so real. I’m just searching my brain trying to make sense of it and the more I think the more confused I get

It might have been him on my laptop last night.
Sometimes things get pretty real on my laptop. I
am pretty sure I get tracked

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