Just remembered! I just want to go back there

I remembered it for a while after the dream, then forgot. It came back to me today (three day later). I had a dream where I was completely conscious in it. The same consciousness as the waking world. I was chilling in this house. Some girl I use to know was whispering in my ear and I was loving it. I got up and was walking around. Completely conscious I was dreaming. I walked in the bathroom took a look at myself. Poured me a glass of bourbon and sat on the couch and watched tv. This dream was so real I was awake and living in it. I was watching some news channel, and I saw the dream started to fade so I asked jesus to keep me in this dream, and make me more conscious. Walked outside the house and started to think to myself if I died. I thought if I was dreaming I could just open my eyes. So I just opened my eyes and was lying down in my bed. When I mean conscious I mean the exact same consciousness as the living world. That dreams makes me question life itself. I looked it up and people call it lucid dreaming.