Just read psych files

Wow. I am really down right now. A lot of stuff they say about you in notes. One even said I look older than my age. That hits hard. And my delusio s plus truthful things that they acted like was a delusion…I really DID sue Canada Dry and just got my settlement this week! Not wvery single thing Isaid was crazy!


Yeah, I read mine once, too. A lot of people in the mental health field are inconsiderate when they write those notes, and often also jump to conclusions. It’s mostly the same people who don’t do the rest of their jobs very well either.

Don’t read too much into it. Some people do their jobs because they have to and not because they actually care about doing them well.


Be careful. I found the letter from when I got diagnosed and I was shocked how ill I was, and it knocked my confidence for a while.

I would never want to read what’s written about me again. Best to leave it I think as I think it would be upsetting.

Look at what you are now, and what you do in your life and how you contribute to other peoples. Always best to keep things positive and not worry about the past. It’s done, look forwards.


I’m sorry @ZombieMombie. That must have really hurt.

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I had a bad relationship for many years with mental health services. The primary reason - getting involved with an older woman and leaving hospital with her.

I got my records a couple of years after my wife died . They were quite negative , and basically placed all the blame for the breakdown in the patient/mental health professional relationship on my shoulders . The truth was there was blame both ways . It started off with bad treatment during my first hospitalisation on the mental health professionals’ part and ramped up even more when I met my wife. I, on my part, reacted to that in not the healthiest of ways .

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I was just trying to find all the papers with my sza listed for social security. Why the hell did they have to say anything about my looks? Wtf does thathave todowith my mental health?


I’ve met sociopaths in the psych ward who were workers and not patients. Don’t take it personally. No good caring person would have said or even thought that about you.


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I never knew that! Thanks.

I’ve never read mine but in school they showed me my son’s files and what they wrote to send to get him covered for extra help. It was so horrible I cried. They told me it had to just to get the coverage. I only imagine what mine says.

how do u get access to files im curious

@sigarino yeah I’d like to k ow how too

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I’ve opted out of reading my files. Don’t want to know

In the US you have a right to request and receive your files. They don’t like to hand them over sometime and !y mental health advocate got them for me.

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I was so uset I went put and got makeup and just came in and put it on. My husband said, reluctantly, that I just stopped taking care of myself and that is why I look older.

Oh my God! I didn’t know psychiatrists write how we look.

Me either. I get the parts on grooming but the other made me upset.


When I got mine, I could tell it was just for my eyes. They had… Not redacted… But more like edited it. I was told they can keep personal notes in your file and just report the clinical ones.

Are they really allowed that though? Because that’s not legal in my country.

I’ve seen my files when I applied for rehab they showed them most my files and my therapist was like “Messiah savior delusion, talks with the left side of your mouth when psychotic” I’m like yeah that’s me. Because I remember once I was jacked up on haldol I was talking with the left side of my mouth she wrote it down.