Just put the electric blanket on the bed

Is it perverse that I have just opened all the windows to cool the flat thereby making the electric blanket more enjoyable?!


fresh cool air as long as you are warm is invitable to me…I love that brisk air surrounding me in our home at night…unless I want an expensive gas bill I don’t crank up the heater on colder nights…it never reaches the bedrooms anyways…Angie has a room heater for her bedroom with the dogs though…I don’t.


Sounds very good for sleeping. When my daughter is here she cranks the heat. Thankfully my room stays relatively cool.

Mate. I think a warm electric blanket is the king. Not that we have much cold weather! It’s only spring and it’s already 30 degrees C most days. I have the air con on cool now! Funny how we are opposite. Always see these winter Xmas’ where, except for a brief couple of years, we have hot bloody Xmas!

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