Just Ordered Aniracetam and Alpha GPC

Wish me luck. I will keep you guys updated. So far pregnenolone and l theanine are working. It’s only been the second day but I feel better already. Only thing I noticed is pregnenolone was causing slight chest pain, probably heart palpitations. I’m also hoping the increased hormones will finally allow me to grow a beard. I’m hoping Aniracetam will increase my intelligence, creativity, motivation, and increase attention.

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Just go slow with adding things on to your current supplement plan so you can tell what is causing things - good or bad.

If I were you I’d just take the pregnenolone and L-theanine for a month and see how it goes. Then - if things are ok and doing well, slowly add another supplement on and just take the three supplements for a while to see the effects… then after a couple of weeks add another.

Don’t just add everything - because then it will be impossible to know what is helping you and what is not helping you.

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