Just ordered a pizza!

I’ve fallen off the diet bandwagon today. I’m actually having the day from hell, so something had to give. I thought I’d have to take a benzo, but I managed to get over that. So I’m still off benzos at least.

I can’t remember the last time I felt as bad as this. Hopefully the pizza will make things a bit better.



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I’m also thinking about pizza, but that would mean using the oven :slight_smile:

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Sorry to hear you’re having a tough day. Pizza sounds great—sometimes you have to treat yourself to something special. Take care.


Pizza is the cure to all mankind’s woes.

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maybe write a poem about it, pizza is a good place to start haha :slight_smile:

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How was the pie, @everhopeful ??

Quite filling, I didn’t eat much for the rest of the day!

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