Just Now Being Diagnosed

28 male here, just now being diagnosed… Had psych testing on Tuesday and found out today they are suspecting Schizophrenia. Previous dx was Bipolar 2.

Not real sure of what to do now. They’ve started me on Haldol (at my request since the older drugs don’t cause as much weight gain, and Haldol works more quickly than the newer drugs). I’m in this outpatient day program at a local hospital and they’re giving me so much better care than what I’ve been receiving from the department of mental health.

I guess my question… I don’t feel like I have the negative symptoms of Schizophrenia, and I thought that you pretty much MUST have those in order to get dx with Schizophrenia. Is this not true? I have some disorganized thought/speech issues but emotionally I’m pretty normal.

How does my treatment change once I have that dx? I know treatment for Bipolar (mood stabilizers such as Lithium, Lithium, and MORE Lithium) doesn’t help hallucinations and I know that antipsychotics are at best going to slightly reduce the intensity of my hallucinations. Will they help with paranoia and delusional thinking? Will I still believe that there is a squad of Kia Souls following me around everywhere?

Lots of anxiety, fear, and worry here… I thought I’d be relieved to finally know what’s really wrong with me but not so much.

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well for one thing, it allows you to apply for SSI or SSDI if you have a work history. Some say disability life sucks but I like it. good luck…if you aren’t delusional I doubt that you have schizophrenia? could you go more into what your symptoms are? do you believe something that nobody else does?

Take care and hang in there. You may want to Google schizoaffective disorder - that is what I have. I suffer schizophrenia and bi-polar. It took me many years to come to believing that I had schizophrenia. All I can say is that you should always take your meds and if they do not seem to be working then immediately tell your doctor.

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haldol works great for me and no side effects either

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No need for those in the DSM V.

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Some of us don’t have negative sx. Theres a guy called @mortimermouse on here who has only positive sx. Thats a good prognostic factor, less negative sx as well as having a mood component to your illness.

From the way you write you seem alot more together than alot of the users on this forum me included. You have good insight, thats another good prognostic factor. You are also older, thats another good factor.

It looks like you might not suffer too much from sz in the future based on your descriptions. Sz is one of the worst mental illnesses to be dxed with.

From what you describe it looks like you have a milder case and probably a better outcome.

Anyhow welcome to the club.

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Audio, visual, and tactile hallucinations. Always worse at night, voices worse when alone or quiet. Voices, not thoughts.

In the past I had recurring delusions of a romantic nature. Someone loved me but they didn’t know it yet so I had to prove it to them. Caused me to do some bizarre stuff. Now my delusions are paranoid, and at present I’m fighting one involving the CIA using the radio to control me and sending a group of Kia Souls to follow me around.

Last week I put a note on a woman’s Kia Soul that said “stop following me” and got in trouble with my day program. Apparently this lady was really terrified when she saw the note. But I honestly believed that she was following me and now I just think I got the wrong car, but I still believe I’m being followed.

I do have some problems with conversation because the voices distract me. I also have times when it feels like someone/something/voices are “blocking” my thoughts and I totally forget what’s going on and space out for a while.

I have periods when I have no motivation, no drive/will, start things but don’t finish, etc.

I do occasionally have mood swings but not the bipolar type, they’re very rapid (up and down in same day). I occasionallyl have depression for a few weeks but I have psychotic symptoms all the time, not just when depressed.

Between episodes I can tell my hallucinations aren’t real but during episodes they seem so real that I wouldn’t even consider that they might be false. Same with delusions.

Sounds like Schizophrenia to me. No?

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What is a standard dosage for Haldol? I’m taking 10mg at night, been on it for just over a week but not really noticing an improvement. Can the dosage go up a lot or is this pretty much the most I can take?

it can go up past 10 mg. Haldol 10mg and vraylar 3 mg are doing the trick for me. I dont know how muchmore it can go up though ik someone was on 25mg

What the hell is vraylar? I work in a pharmacy and never heard of that one.


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Its a really good med for me it has helped with my negative symptoms and my bipolar symptoms really well. It has made my voice goe down to 1 day a week

Wow, that’s great. I looked it up and saw it’s really new, explains why I haven’t handled any at work. I believe in trying things that have been around awhile first though, because we have a better understanding of side effects and how well they actually work. That’s why I asked for Haldol…

How long should Haldol take to start working, any idea?

I have low negative symptoms. It’s basically a subtype of schizophrenia that has higher performance in typical work, manic symptoms, less negative (but some) and very strong positive symptoms. I had a bad case though- I am just very determined and have a high pain tolerance as well as very strong intellectual ability.

For example I am switching grad programs because I wasn’t all that challenged at one and it wasn’t funded.

I’m also a martial artists and fitness junkie

Yeah hypomania and schizophrenia but never major depressive episodes

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I’ve been on Zyprexa, it took little over a week for me to notice a differance. Changed to Fluanxol, took me 3 weeks before voices were quiet but I stopped thinking. I was a robot. Then I got Abilify. Took me 2-3 weeks to notice a differance. Upped the dose 5 mg/week. So at 15 mg I felt a differance but it was not enough. Had to go up to 25 mg. And add Quetiapin.

Dn about Haldol. But I suppose it works pretty much like Fluanxol.

Hey and welcome :slight_smile:

Negative symptoms are basically the same symptoms as you see in depression and bipolar II. Anhedonia, avolition, flat affect.

I have little negative symptoms too.

We can’t really diagnose you from your list of symptoms, trust your doctors. :slight_smile:

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it took me a week to tell a difference when i was on 5mg to 10 mg

I’m on Haldol Injection and I have a PRN for the pills. As for most of the psych meds they take a few weeks to fully build up in the body. Also when you stop taking them you are usually fine for a few weeks or longer then the symptoms return and it is too late. Meds didn’t entirely solve my symptoms. Some good therapy helped quite a bit. But it took me a long time to learn. After all I was such a genius that I knew more than my Counselors and basically everyone else. I needed to come to the hard truth that the Professionals know more than me. Then I got much better at dealing with the bumps in the road. Also, you may have to go through many med changes to find what works with your body.

That’s what I do when I am bad - from hell to heaven and back again in a few hours. All along having thought disorders and the whole nine yards.

So I noticed last night and so far today that things do seem just a little bit quieter but BARELY. So I guess that means the Haldol is starting to work? Been on it since last Wednesday so… 9 days. I finish my outpatient program next Thursday hopefully by then I’ll know for sure if the Haldol is working or not.

Any idea what antipsychotics might have the least side effects? I tried Seroquel and Latuda before the Haldol but both gave me really bad anxiety, fast heartbeat etc. Wondering what drugs won’t do that, so I have an idea of where to go if Haldol isn’t enough.