Just need to.vent

Im feeling depressed. Ive been in bed all day. I got paranoid last night and that usually comes with a mood swing. Im feeling it today. Im just sad. Ive really been keeping a close track of my mood and noticing when i am depressed more often. It makes such a big difference in my day. I have SZA and major depression. Mkre days than not im just stuck in my own head thinking about nothing but sad thoughts.


Hope you can manage to cope. Idk your situation but maybe mixing things up could help


I journal, play music, play video games. Draw, paint. But days im really depressed i mostly just lay in bed and listen to music. My depression gets really bad.


Walking helps me not ruminate. After about fifteen minutes into the walk I can’t think much at all.


When i walk all i think about is wanting to go home lol!


Yeah i know what you mean, ive not got depression clinical but i have some real lows very much practically every day and get to the point last night where i couldn’t face anything anymore. Slept and had bouts of low mood today . It isn’t 24/7 but its persistent low moods then i perk up a bit, up and down all time.

And every day when i wake i ruminate for a couple of hours on bad memories then memories hit me through the day as well, my head doesn’t get much peace

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Sounds like depression to me. Im pretty much a constant low. Some days are good but im usually constantly sad. Id ask your doctor about an anti depressant. Try to take some of those thoughts away.

Thanks for your advice i will think about it

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