Just Missed Them

Well I had a nice appointment with my therapist today and yeah I did procrastinate for a half hour or so back at home but stopped by and bought a case of water for all of us down at the new clubhouse and showed up with all the paperwork and the snack platter and…well…only to be told that I had just missed them. They had just left a few minutes before I showed. Nuts. I don’t know if they decided to go out for lunch rather than wait for the snacks or if they called it an early day but they were not there.

Otherwise it’s been a nice morning…I’m sitting out on the porch eating some homemade apple pie that the neighbors dropped off when they heard about my uncles death and am drinking a bottle of diet root beer. I should take the cat out on his harness today though as he’s been going stir crazy in my little apartment…yes I take my cat out on a harness…I know…I know…weird.


It sounds like you have had a productive day. It’s a shame the people at the clubhouse weren’t there when you got there. That would have really bothered me, but since you were able to go home and relax and unwind afterwards, maybe it was a good thing. Homemade apple pie sounds delish.

(And no, taking your cat out on a harness isn’t weird IMO, it’s heathy…)

My grandmother used to walk her cat on a harness :smile:

ha really?

It was recommended by a vet tech who walked his cat on one…I just feel bad that the little guy doesn’t get to go outside. We have far too many predators who would gladly have a cat for supper and have lost two in past years to them. So I take him out on his harness sometimes…mind you I don’t walk him down the road where everyone can see me and honk and wave and whatnot…


What happens when a dog comes by?

I just take him out in the backyard…

my dad took a goldfish for a walk down by the river once haha