Just made a twitter account

I know we’re not allowed to share outside communications, but if you find me, follow me !

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


Awesome! I don’t have a twitter. I’m terrified I’ll tweet someone famous something incredibly stupid during a psychotic episode… like, “Dear Queen of England, I will sink Buckingham Palace with a yell if you don’t get your ■■■■ together!” Definitely twitter is a no no for me. Oh that’s just an example.:rofl:


I like it, it’s a fun platform.

Great for sharing art and what-not.

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Yeah don’t get me wrong
Do your thing, I encourage you to! It could be fun to find some like minded people who don’t even know about our illness(es).


Twitter scares me :smile: I’d be afraid to create an account ! Best of luck with it.


I’m pretty sure there are bunch of ill people on Twitter :thinking:

I have almost 1500 followers


I have a Twitter account, I do not have many followers, but I like it when others tweet and send pictures. I have no Facebook account, but I like Twitter. I never tweet anything.

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I have a twitter account but I hardly use it. Some people tell me that i should have a instagram account.

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