Just made a major financial mistake

I’m just back from a near death experience
Instead of saving for a holiday I spent a weeks wages (my husband’s)
On one luxurious item
I just feel awful as usual with this stuff
I’m gonna have to sacrifice a lot to pay the bank back
Is the worst kind of first world problem
Shopping addiction
I reason that if I save enough I can make up for it


I’m gonna keep it wrapped for a month in case I can’t even make the first bit of saving it back

Can you take it back?


I’d return it. It’s probably not a necessity.


I buy stuff and return it all the time.

I also buy things, use them for a while, then sell them on eBay.


Yes, I have a month
I will see, when it arrives
I probably will change my mind and return it
Not there yet, still want it

my husband has made this kind of furk up as well, which is part of how I’m reasoning it

If I can pay it off it’s not such a problem
Never usually manage to pay back,

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Yes there is always that
I do those things too
I have a month to decide really
If I can do a spending fast for 2 - 3 months and save everything I can I might be able to pay it back.

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