Just look em in the eye

just look em in the eye and do it any way

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Good general advice.

That was rather vague. I tend to look people right in the eye unless I am busy like reading or driving.

I take it as offensive when people don’t look me in the eye during a conversation. I mean talking to someone while they’re doing something is not what I am talking about. I mean when you are talking and not supposed to be doing something else, avoiding eye contact like that just pisses me off.

When I get really psychotic and angry, I don’t look at anyone because eye contact while I’m agitated makes me want to kill the person for some reason. When I’m agitated I avoid people for their own good. My nostrils and upper lip make a micro expression, a quick sneer when I look at someone and I am agitated.

It’s ■■■■■■ up yo.

This is why I don’t talk about my symptoms that often, it’s more than sick, it’s scary. I’m not dangerous though, I know right from wrong? At least for the most part I do.

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