Just learned learned about my condition

I just learned about my condition recently (within the past couple of weeks) as well as dealing with myself and the people who live around me. I’m also doing a lot of research to learn more about how it will affect me and what steps I can take to manage it. I’m experiencing hallucinations throughout the day(not as bad or frequent) and during sleep (my neighbors and the whole town were aware of my condition before I was because, I sleep talk with lots of vulgar language) so if anyone has advice on this topic, or has experienced something similar I would greatly appreciate it.

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haven’t had problems with sleep talking but when I was first diagnosed with Schizophrenia I remember reading as much as I could on it…with me, the more I knew about it the easier it was to recognize the symptoms but it took time to learn to manage them so I could be around people. I still get episodes off and on some days are bad some are okay. I did most of my research in the local library, the net wasn’t as popular back in 1996…have you ever done a sleep study?

Maybe they could give you insights in controlling sleep talking/walking. I had a sleep study done and found I have Obstructive Sleep-Apnea where I have problems breathing in my sleep and often stop at times. I have a cpac machine I use now sometimes hook an oxygen tank to it when I need too, but they can learn a lot about your sleep pattern’s if go and have a test done. I had to set it up through my general practitioner because it’s a specialized study…

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i used to yell in my sleep according to my grandpa… over time i found peace within and it cleared up…

i suggest acts of kindness. planned and random. whether helping a homeless person with a meal or picking up litter around the town while out and about… what you find passion in. maybe sharing a musical gift at an old folks home or leaving an inspirational book where someone might find it.

i also suggest hobbies. there are all kinds :slight_smile:

i have found these things to be very theraputic in my life and have found peace with much of my illness with meds and these kinds of hopeful aims :slight_smile:

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I’ve also been attempting to use ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meidian Respons. There is a lot of videos on you-tube about ASMR, they really relax me…I also use music, and sometimes just sound scapes…I have an ap I found that has tons of generators and you can even play multiple noises at once to really help relax you, or set the mood you want.

Are two free You-tube channels I watch for my personal ASMR sessions.

I don’t know if I can share the noise generation because while initially it’s free with a few chosen sounds included, you have to pay for additional sounds.

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that was very nice ty

The ASMR tends to really relax me, last night I hadn’t even noticed when I fell asleep listening to just the sound of the video with the screen shut off. And there are dozens other stations like those two, but they’re my top two favorite.

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Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Welcome every brain is different

Though we do have some in common
With this condition

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Welcome to the group!

The importance of positive psychology might be especially vital for us. There are a few reasons why: (1) We don’t know if the illness will go away or remain; (2) The symptoms typically feel ‘terrible’, even if we feel the elation of mania, unconsciously we know that something is not right; (3) Positive attitudes feel better and cause better outcomes.

Specifically for us though, sometimes our sense of reality is troubled. That makes us feel troubled, and it makes us react and respond in troubled ways. It’s a great freedom to discover that what seemed so very real is actually just an illusion - it’s only an illness. It’s not the hugely ugly disturbing reality that it seemed to be.

So my advice? Stay vibrantly encouraged through it all. Be assured that it’s possible to get better, slightly or greatly. When I work from that amazing point of power that wants to be well, I’m led to the solutions I need. One good thing leads to another too, it all adds up.


Thanks everyone for welcoming me into the community and for all the advice! I really appreciate it and I’ve already made improvements in my sleep talking as well as my hallucinations(they seem to be more positive). If you have problems with sleep I would suggest B vitamins and Melatonin because it worked wonders for me.Thanks again.