Just kicked off our vacation

My wife and I made it to Illinois today to visit friends and family. We flew Southwest directly from Phoenix to St Louis. We have some plans, not a lot, but I’m looking forward to seeing her friends and folks. I’m lucky in the sense I get along with her friends and family. We go back home on Tuesday. I love flying.


enjoy your holiday, alien99. I’m happy to hear this. Wish you a very nice trip.

Yeah, flying is fun. Take-off and landing is the scariest part but even that isn’t so bad. But I thought St. Louis was in Missouri? That’s good you get along with them. It sure beats NOT getting along with them, right?

Vacationing and traveling places a lot of stress on me, so I try to avoid it. A lot of people love to travel and fly - Hope you have a great time @anon40540444 - Nothing beats family and good friends

Haha, keen eye @77nick77! We flew into St Louis, but drove 2 hours to the capitol of Illinois, Springfield.