Just in case advice needed.... (baby involved)

A bit of the back story… one of my sisters friend is a recent teen Mom and my sis will look after the baby while her friend goes out and parties or looks for a job. The friend is always saying stuff like she should just give us the baby and get on with her life, and that someday she might just ride of out of town and not come back for the baby. She’ll always “joke” about selling us the baby for 100.00

The baby is not abused or underfed or in dirty stuff. The friend has come back thus far, but she dropped the baby off early yesterday, and today the baby is still here. Cool baby. Very alert little infant, sunny and smiles.

But since the little one has been here for a while, I wonder… should this girl truly not come back for the baby… What would someone do? You can’t just keep the little baby and tell no one… right? Not worried, just wondering…

I should probably add, the girls parents are very devout Christians so they kicked the girl out as soon as she was pregnant and said the baby is born of sin and should rot below. The girl and the baby have been sofa surfing for the past few months.

I am trying to make use of my common sense… you call the police and report the incidence. they would advice what to do. as far as i know, if you take the baby to them, they would arrange for a place for the baby to go to and look for the mother. they need official records and procedures to determine and arrange for welfare. you cannot just keep the baby.

your little sister is really busy.

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Tough situation. As wonderful as it would be to keep the baby :smile: I would not consider it to be an option. A lot of responsibility. I would think that there are women shelters that could give the mom and baby a more stable environment and help the mom to get a job and permanent place to live. Being a teen mom is not easy. I don’t know what to tell you. I think I would talk to the mom about going to a shelter or possibly even giving up the baby if she is not going to make raising it a priority. Joking aside it sounds like she has thought about abandoning the baby.

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I’m not worried yet, the baby was dropped off with food and diapers and toys. The baby isn’t just flat out neglected and she does seem happy and there isn’t a mark on her. But bet this young Mom is scared. She just turned 17 a few months ago and maybe she thinks that giving us the baby would be best for the baby.

My sister knows her family and can back up the devout Christianity. (Confuses me a lot. So Christian they kick out a baby?) My sis say’s if there is NO word from the Mom (her friend) by tomorrow afternoon then that’s 48 hours and it’s time to make some hard calls. So no panic or worry… Just me hanging at home with a 3 month old baby. Hope the Mom is Ok though.

My kid sis is a lifeguard… and I am beginning to think that she’s decided to Never be off duty. She tries to save everyone. Plus, I’m beginning to see 17 and 18 as just traumatic years in everyone’s life. All of her friends are always having one problem or another.

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When I was in the military I had a buddy who was fighting really bad with his wife, and I’d often get stuck with their kid while they did it. They thought he was too young to know, but I could see it in his eyes. They grew pale… Thats quite the thing to see a kid so young “grow pale”.

Kids always know and understand so much more then parents ever give them credit for.

Glad I’m not married…

( :wink: ) You know me well enough to know that given the chance, I would most likely keep this baby in a heart beat, tell people her last name is Mackenzie and just go with it. I’d love that… But not the best option. I do realize there are ways this has to be handled.

(Silas Marner was a great story by the way. Just saying)


Ya I know u are tempted. :smile:

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You can’t keep the baby. He/she’s not yours.

IDK, I would worry about the baby and maybe you should try and contact an adoption agency if she/he is not in a steady home environment. You yourself might get in trouble if you don’t find someone who can handle this situation.

On the flip side you probably saved the baby’s life by taking it in when her parents kicked her out. But it’s time to move forward to make sure this situation gets handled. I wouldn’t call the police, but probably state or some kind of social support services. I would call a children’s advocate. I guess that would be a social worker or someone in child protective services? I’ve never had this situation.

report to the authorities if she dumps her child on you. They will do something about her actually abandoning her child in your home. Other than that, maybe its nice to care for a baby. when they’re not crying as their only means of communication, theyre cute and cheerful

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But she’s only a teenager and her parents kicked her out. She’s not mature enough to handle this responsibility. It may have been her carelessness, but the welfare of the innocent child she brought into the world should be the top priority.

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It must be difficult. I had to give away my pet cat who I raised and adopted from a shelter. He immediately warmed up to me and stopped shaking in his cage after his previous owners dropped him off that same day. He’s so happy and loveable and I found a good person to adopt him who could tell I raised him really well. She even said I can visit my cat since she’s not far away. The only reason I had to give away my cat was because I moved home and my parents wouldn’t let me keep him. It was for the best. The woman is very nice and takes very good care of him. Finding someone else who can raise this baby would be the most responsible decision.

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The mom of this amazing baby is a friend of my sisters. In all fairness, my sis did agree to baby sit so the girl could go to a job interview. It’s just… that was yesterday afternoon. The parents of my sisters friend (the mom) kicked the their daughter out when she was still pregnant with this amazing baby.

So far the mom is incommunicado. My sis will wait until tomorrow afternoon and see if the mom of this amazing baby girl (who hasn’t really cried yet) will come back and get her baby. I’m not sure I have the heart to call the cops on the Mom. I have no idea what circumstances are involved. The baby is here with my sis and I, napping safe and warm. I have no problem hanging with the infant. We’ll have to see what to do after this. This is the first time something like this has ever happened.

The idea of a teen shelter or social services has been tossed around. Also finding a way to get my sisters friend something a little more permanent then sofa surfing would be the best outcome. I’m trying to find out if the police would HAVE to be involved.