Just heard through my ceiling

They said my name a loud and then dumb bitch. When my bf yells at video games people assume that he physically hurting me. No. I’d be calling the police if that were the case.

Why do they care so much about my personal life?

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Well they probably just hope you are alright.

you are not hearing things correctly…I bet you put your ear to the wall don’t you? I used to do that when I lived in a duplex next to some KKK teenagers…scary as hell…out thought I understood their convo but I really just heard noise between the walls…

What a joke

I can’t move
I reacted to the bs they’re never going to leave me alone

Are you feeling all right, @roxanna? Do you think the voices might be unreal?

I’m trying to go to sleep no

You really need good noise cancelling headphones, it seems.

Hope you find quiet in your life!

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