Just had the best cup of tea. Made my day. Anyone else had any other small victories today?


I made some biscuts and I managed not to burn them! :sunglasses:


Today I went grocery shopping for coffee and toiletry items. I also went to the thrift shop, didn’t find anything there though.


I fixed a problem with a loan. Yesterday I had them change the payment due date from the 7th to the 24th of the month. They left the March 7th payment there and added a March 24th payment. I can’t afford 2 payments, so today I had them put it back the way it was.


I’m finally recovering from a terrible flu bug that hit me 2 days ago. I’m so happy to be feeling better!


That’s great that you’re feeling better. I got my flu shot yesterday. I was a little paranoid it would make me sick.


Thanks! I had my flu shot too but don’t know if it was the for the chest flu or what.


How do you get on work with this condition?


I love mint tea it is the best tea ever when I drink it it gives so much power :slight_smile:


I am gonna smoke a cigar in the middle of the night while I am feeeling Awesome… :slight_smile:

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took a shower in green tea drove to … did a message. drove home, being with you all


I love Bengal spice tea! I’m a sucker for any sort of spiced teas, though.

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I had a cup of cinnamon black tea with a touch of sweet cream coffee creamer in it. It’s so delicious. I much prefer cream over milk in my tea.


I spent no money today! :slight_smile:


Payday lunch. Had some flathead fillets with veges and it was great. Even collected a win on the pokies and had a bit of fun. Dad and I have these little things we do every week and it’s good to break up the week and do something together.


IDK, man. I just… do.

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I nearly had an outbreak of anger today but i was able to dismantle it and had a wonderful time at the river.


I did my dishes today, went outside briefly, and cleaned up my kitchen.


Absolutely stellar performance review at work today. My boss doesn’t believe in giving 5 out of 5 in any area as, “there’s always room for improvement.”

I got 5 of them. She told me, “that didn’t officially happen.”

Well, yeah, it did, but I’m not to ever tell anyone else I work with that.

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