Just had another bout of holiday anxiety. Made me feel nauseous

Is just the same old holiday blues/nerves. Probably too much sugar and coffee. Finished eating for the day - just drinking unsweetened black tea with milk

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Sorry, @anon94176359. You know it will pass. Get some rest and I hope you feel much better afterwards.
The holidays are hard for many reasons. Expectations are so high. It’s just another day spinning round on planet Earth. :blush::heart:


My irritable stomach is playing up. For some reason i am in fight or flight mode. I honestly have no idea where this is all coming from. I don’t have big obligations or expectations upon in these holidays. I wish someone would tell my nervous system that

You need to get a PRN for emergencies like this… :pill:

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I was there a little bit ago. I wanted to pop an Ativan but I held strong. I’m doing better now. How are you feeling now Jimbob?

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