Just had a shower!

Feel like a Kiiiiiiiiiing !!!

Have you showered ?


I need to take one today, it’s been a while


Good job man! Have not today, Im working up to it :confused:


Nice One. Youve reminded me to have a bath.
Done a scratch and sniff on the groin and it aint good lol :nauseated_face::laughing:

Thank god for Lynx deoderant. lol.

Im falling asleep after the meds - so il have one tommorow.

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I need to shower, and if I don’t make it in today I’ll wash up in the sink.
It’s a real issue for me.

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Not tpday. i will later.

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I showered last night, and I will again tonight. I know it’s hard to do, but it’s so important.


showered after my workout yesterday but didn’t workout today or garden so will probably just shower tomorrow and through on some deodorant.

usually I have to shower everyday because my hair is all messy when I wakeup in the morning. so I comb it after my shower when it’s wet.

Yup! I just hopped out of the shower. It was great. I shaved too. Now I’m kosher.


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Yesterday. Dont think I will get another till tomorrow. Taking a bath is very relaxing.

Winter. Once a day which is cool. Sometimes if I’m exercising and getting sweaty I’ll have more than one. Summer you really need to depending on what you are doing.

I really need one. When I wake up tomorrow I’ll take one.

I finally took a shower this evening!! :slightly_smiling_face:

I took a shower yesterday when I was feeling good. Glad I did or it would of been awhile

I go for my shot in the morning , will shower for that

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