Just had a nice cold drink from the fridge

Was really nice - ginger beer. Lovely but full of sugar


I love iced coffee.


Am cold brewing some coffee for tomorrow!


Are u awake jimbob…

I got in trouble yesterday for drinking the last bottle of ginger ale.

I do not drink alcohol so when they drink alcohol I like to have something non alcoholic n bubbly .

We have to rearrange our finances after this.

We pay half each of all our bills such as electricity,water,council rates etc and also half each on shopping list.

But it is the grocery shopping list we have to recalculate.

He buys things I do not eat such as fish and I buy things he does not eat.

So we will have to share cost of what we both eat and pay seperately for the other stuff.

It was a big deal because we bought ginger ale in case we get saw stomach.

I said I will buy more the next day but it was still a bit of s drama n that I was disgusting for drinking it when we both bought it but he was drinking alcohol and I did say I would buy more the next day.

I ended up putting $4 in his account for the ginger ale and going to the shops to buy more.

Thankfully kirks was on special.
It’s grest soft drink that is sugar free someof then.

Thing is I pay half of cost for renovations and things for home .

If he was to break up with me he would be keeping all those things .

I be darned if we are gonna fight over money.

I think I am good with money .

He thinks so too.

He smokes n drinks alcohol and I do not .

I only used to drink coconut juice or water and fermented tea and ginger beer but he got me on kirks that are sugar free and a lot cheaper so I drink more than I used to but kirks is more affordable.

Remember soft drink can help heal to some extent such as ginger beer with real ginger in it…

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