Just got some good news from my psychiatrist!

She said I should stay on Invega Sustenna injections for life because they’re what’s helping me do good and stay out of the hospital and I can stay in Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) as long as I keep going to groups. She said I’m good at keeping appointments so that will help me to stay in ACT.


Did you have voices? Were they lifelike and intelligent?

Good things. 15151515

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No, I’ve never heard voices.

Thats great to hear @Batman

I plan on staying on Invega Trinza until I lose a good amount of weight and the injection stays well in my muscles.

Maybe just then ill stop the injections but thats a thought for the future.


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I’d like to stop my psych meds some day if I can be sure I won’t get symptoms again or can handle them with coping skills but for at least the next few years I’ll keep taking meds.


what is ACT? we do not have this in the UK

Assertive community treatment is an intensive and highly integrated approach for community mental health service delivery. ACT teams serve individuals with the most serious forms of mental illness, predominantly but not exclusively the schizophrenia spectrum disorders.

You can Google it to find more information.

Sounds brilliant :slight_smile:

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