Just got out of the hospital and diagnosis change


I didn’t get a chance to talk about this because it was so sudden, but I was hospitalized last Wednesday during a temporary depression episode. I was discharged 4 hours ago and I was going to make this thread sooner but got sidetracked. I wasn’t treated for anything psychotic because I didn’t have any psychotic symptoms that needed treatment, but I was diagnosed with bipolar II which has taken the place of the ‘with psychotic features’ addition to my diagnosis of severe depression.

Still iffy about this diagnosis since I’ve grown so accustomed to my former one but I know that I’ll accept it in time. 13-14 year old me suspected I might have it so it’s weird that this ended up coming along. Guess it’s time for me to start refreshing my memory on bipolar disorder. :woman_shrugging:


Hope you feel better now? I get depression real bad and it goes on for a couple of years


I am. It just sucked because I started feeling better about 1-2 hours and I ended up staying for nearly a full week just because of a depressive episode. The past few days have been better for me mentally which I guess is because of me knowing that I was going to get released soon. But I really do feel better which is great and I’m glad to be out of inpatient!


Don’t worry about the diagnosis. Just make sure the treatment is what you need. It’s the treatment of your symptoms that matter. I’m glad you’re not so depressed right now. That’s great!


hey there, dont sweat it, things change, my diagnosis changed as well, hoping i can recover fully here x


Glad to hear you’re out and feeling a bit better. Hope things continue to improve for you. Like @Pianogal said, it’s not so much the diagnosis that’s important, it’s how they’re treating your symptoms.


Changes is diagnosis are pretty common for most folk. Even with meds the disorder still advances and symptoms may change for sure!

Important thing is to take the meds and be proactive in your treatment. Know when your in trouble and you need to ask for help and also know when your doing well!

Glad your out of hospital!


Sorry this response isn’t longer (I’m tired and about to go to bed), but thank you for the support, everybody!


Hope you will feel better soon and be surrounded by goodness to help you peop you love you and that you can feel positivity etc again and even look forward to things even if it’s a nice meal


spacemonkey. keep doing what you enjoy and it will help, really.

hugs to you, judy


Glad to hear you’re doing better. Please let us know in a few how you’re doing.