Just got out of hospital for ocd intrusive scary thought & suicidal ideation. Hello lexapro & abilify

Im still having suicidal ideation. I was in hospital for 11 days.Im sitting her ?ing how long it will take to stabilize on these meds. Im so tired of feeling this way. Also wondering if i still feel this way as a side effect of the lexapro. I wake up to my mind racing and it doesnt make much sense. Its very disorganized. So hows everyone else doing? Hope yall are well:^)


Thats good that you got help. Hope you start feeling better soon.

Im alright, mostly just chilling and reading. Im not allowed on the computer anymore for awhile to play my video games lol.

If you get stabilized on a med that helps you with few side effects life can be pretty good. Give these med’s a good try, and if they still aren’t working try asking your pdoc for different med’s. Keep trying. Life will get better.

LEXapro send me to the hospital Wid s sucicidal thoghths

Some meds take up to 2 months to reach full effect. Give it time :slight_smile:

well if its not working in 1 month, it may require dose increase or changing the med itself

It’s been a month. I’m still having some issues with what I think is voices when waking up and I have word salad. Still having nightmares too. Got put back on Zoloft. Found out I have frontal lobe epilepsy a week ago and they put me on lamictal.


I’m sorry @LovelyCreature
Wishing you the best.
Happy Holidays

Thank you and happy holidays to you too😄

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I’m so sorry about everything that’s happening to you. And epilepsy is just icing on the cake, huh? My sister is sza with epilepsy, and she takes lamictal as well as a variety of other meds. I hope it all starts working for you soon. If you feel your ideation is severe, don’t hesitate to get help- you are worth it. (((((Uncertainty101)))))

There’s more icing that’s sickening sweet… I have to have a spinal tap to see if any bacteria in my system causing such issues. My nuerologist and psych thinks I might be having postictal psychosis from all the seizure clusters I have in my sleep. I’m very sleep deprived and sore and exhaustion from it all. Never giving up though. I have 2 beautiful girls that need me🥰

I had a spinal tap once, and I have advice that I hope you will heed. Follow their post-care instructions to the letter!!! I get bad, bad migraines, but I’ve never had a headache like the one that I got post-spinal tap. I was stupid and went to work the day after it, and I still can’t forget that headache.

Yeah your supposed to rest silly!

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Seizures can mess up your brain. Sometimes psychosis is an organic response. When I had seizures, I couldn’t remember anything and was so confused. Saying weird things because I was so disoriented. I have had seizures that kept me bedridden and sick for 3 months.

So it’s good that you had the test done and you know what’s causing the word salad. Epliepsy can be dangerous so please watch out. I had nonelipetic seizures so I couldn’t get any sleep and I was so confused. I wish you all the best.

I have the activity alot when I sleep. My eeg showed numbers of spikes. One night 18. I wake up so scared and confused with my thoughts. They are frightening to me to not make sense.

If they offer you meds to do pain relief or knock you out for spin as l take them! I did mine without the offer of either, took 5 nurses to hold me down, not pleasant. But mine was c as use Abilify I took once caused massive headache and I went blind for 3 days. They wouldn’t let hubby be in the room, so I flipped my ■■■■.

Took 5 days of recovery even with bedrest, 2 days to regain sight, plus I leaked fluid and the pain from it. Hubby called my GP and she called in emergency pain meds for me for a week. Then saw me on the 5th day to make sure fluid stopped leaking. I was clean, they claimed it was to look for signs of a stroke for blood in spinal fluid, not believing the Abilify caused it. Guess who has a giant warning on th their med chart now for adverse reactions to abilify.

Have someone that can watch you those first 24 hours after it.

Yikes. That sucks! I’m so sorry. I assume that epilepsy is impacting your brain; seizures are tough! Rest assured because epilepsy can be controlled with meds. My friend who has epilepsy and brain injury had psychosis as well.

Were you aware of the seizures? What medication did they use?

What did the abilify cause?

My first dose I took made me lose eyesight for 3 days. It was considered an adverse or allergic reaction after they did a spinal tap to rule out meningitis and stroke.

I don’t know if it would have worked for me, but blind at first dose, well that’s a no go.