Just got on the bus to do a little grocery shopping


We don’t have a shop in the village. I only needed milk but had to get a bus.


I haven’t been on a bus for years. I basically leave the house once a month to get my meds and splurge on a taxi for that.

Good luck with your trip !


For some reason I am scared to order groceries online. It is the waiting for them at their scheduled time. Really upsets me for some reason.


I know exactly what you mean. I’ve no idea why that stresses me out as well. But it’s definetely the lesser of 2 evils for me. I couldn’t face a supermarket every week.


I rarely leave my house.


You eating the pig still @Loke?


Absolutely!!! But I don’t have the heart to tell my dad that he made the bacon too salty.


I have two grocery stores just 200-300 meters from my place. Makes it easy to buy food.


I reckon bacon is better being too salty rather than not salted enough. Do you have real nice, thick rashers of bacon?


Bacon comes from the belly of the pig so we slice it as we go. If we want it thick that’s how we slice it. Otherwise we slice it thin.


Man that sounds cool.


My dad seasoned his bacon in different seasonings. The bacon we’re working on now was seasoned in maple syrup, brown sugar and salt. It’s pretty good despite being a little too salty.


That sounds lovely


When I lived in the country it was a 2 mile walk to the nearest shop, it could be a bit of a hassle having to walk all that way (I didn’t have a car or a bike then), but on the plus side I was super fit. I’ve taken to keeping a couple of cartons of long life milk in the pantry these days, especially since we got snowed in for over a week last winter and ended up having to make tea with carnation milk!


Buses run every hour just once and you have to wait for them to come back around. It could be balls cold and you freeze to death waiting for the sob.


I remember when I stayed with my brother in Michigan I rode the buses there for a while. It gets really cold there and I would be freezing standing at the bus stop for an hour.


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