Just got invited back for 3rd yr of extras work!

It wasn’t selected the first 2 years it was all open to all - but i was selected this time for the 3rd year
i’ve been on doc martin as background
some sky drama with dawn french as a diner
the film the festival as a festival goer
a thing shown in germany as a smart country woman at the races
and a naked person in Pure on a bus

it’s all fun but i have earned nothing because of an accident and needed physic
and a jacket and makeup bag claim on insurance

great fun
can do anything for a day or 2


thats pretty cool :slight_smile: how are you?

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Thanks Daydreamer

I’m okay
the sign in is in Cardiff where all the Science fiction is filmed in the uk (it seems)
3 months back in AA, vegan again
how about you ?


doing ok, your name seems familiar, have you had psychosis? its ok if you haven’t

must be nice to get on screen :slight_smile:

Nice @Toshiko! Way rad!

been greentigress, Thanna, rey reyk tromso probably others

i’m not new
i have had years of psychosis yes :slight_smile:

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i remember all those names :slight_smile: i’ve only had 2 names, i had a previous name on the old forum, sticking with daydreamer though lol

my clubhouse are doing a promotional video soon and i’m hoping to be involved lol, i think they had the bbc radio people there today :slight_smile: i’d like to hear that

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thats so funny

i would remember yours then x

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i cant repeat it bc i used my actual name and it made me paranoid lol

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WHats your part going to be :slight_smile:

idk, all i know is that it is a week today and the focus is on youth or young adults. :slight_smile:

would love to be an extra in a film though but i’d probably get star struck haha

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Haha go for it though.

It would be great to have a famous sz on board this forum

what is your clubhouse doing?

That’s really neat. Congrats.

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its just reaching out and trying to promote itself,

i think i have been influential and i think i’ve been driving it forward in a way but it really is a team effort, i cant take credit for it but i do know that it wouldn’t have been possible without my help, the staff are all great.

@anon97118089 i wont be famous but even if i was i wouldn’t care as long as i had time to myself lol

@Toshiko are you waiting for your big break? :slight_smile:

extra work is fun. i did it a long time ago.
pretty much get paid to sit around and chat, play cards, eat food, then go on set lol.


Not a bit
Its all proffessionalism if i can say that
Like smiling talking sitting not hardly going on phone etc
Got a dream to write lyrics to songs
Wont be happy till I’m in the top 10 lol for the next 20 years

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