Just Got Diagnosed with Schizophrenia

Hi. I’ve had mental health problems for many years now, but only recently got diagnosed with schizophrenia. Over the last couples years I have had several psychotic episodes and have started hearing voices no one else can hear. Very upset, anxious, and worried about what will happen down the road. Waiting for shrink to put me on meds; still hearing the voices, and they are not very nice.


Welcome to the forum :sunny:

There’s a ton of meds out there for schizophrenia, so if the ones you’re put on initially don’t suit you you can try others.

Meds are personal trial and error. Most people here have tried several before finding the right one for them.

Good luck with the meds.

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Hi @sadstory613 Welcome to the forums.

Important early to take the medications as prescribed and follow through with treatment. It does get better for most and most of us have been there before.

Sorry you’ve been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Welcome though.


Here is a liittle tip for you regarding the voices. Remember that the voices are part of your subconscious mind vocalised. How you feel about yourself and presuming what other people think about you is reflected in the voices.

There is nothing alien or supernatural about them at all. The people who believe that have a history of sci-fi or religious indoctrination in their life history. Schizophrenia deviates the normal thinking into patterns based on your previous psyche.

Once you understand that the voices are only guesses of what other people think and reflections of how you feel about yourself at any given moment you can gain insight and learn to manage it better.

Good luck on your journey and welcome once again! :smiley:


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