Just got an almighty scare from the community mental health team secretary

I got a new nurse yesterday. I phoned the office today to speak to her and the secretary said there was no nurse of that name working there! I instantly thought I had been kicked off the team or had been placed in like a dangerous patient category who needed specialist forensic nurses or something.

I hung up and spent a couple of minutes in panic so I phoned up again and this time was a different nurse I spoke to. My new nurse had just only started working for the team and the secretary didn’t know her yet.

Phew. Was a horrible two minutes


thats cool, but if you have trouble like that you may be able to speak to your psychiatrists secretary and she should know, the lady receptionist at my clinic is a bit useless sometimes as well.


@anon35166066 . I’m glad your worry has been eased.


I’m glad it all worked out for you !! sorry you were so worried.


Aww. Well that would get my heart pumping. Glad you talked to a higher sentient creature.

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