Just give in if it's simple... right?

Right? It’s OK to give in if it’s simple and not hurting anyone.

Not to long ago as I was nearly asleep a voice in my head shouted out

“That was the best ice cream I’ve ever had!” Odd. A few days later the ice cream debate in my head kept going. Then a conversation.

Is my body craving and the voices are voicing that craving… or are the voices trying to talk me into craving ice cream. I HATE giving in to the voices so I have been saying…

“NO! No ice cream for anyone.” What a silly thing to fight on. But if I give in to ice cream what will they want me to get them next time?

Sad thing is, I do like Ice cream. :icecream:

I think this once it will be OK. What a silly thing going on in my head. :circus_tent::penguin:

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Oftentimes, I wonder if the “voices” are voicing our subconscious thoughts, desires, dreams, motivations, etc? Dreams work that way, right? Only we’re not conscious when dreaming. Oh well, just a thought.

don’t worry lately i have been driving in town and wanting to shout random words out the window, thankfully i have not done that !
take care


I don’t suppose there’s any harm in doing something the voices say that makes sense, It;s not a victory for them if it helps you. My voices almost never said to do things that led to a good happening, but maybe yours are a little different. A real victory would be where a positive result pleases both parties, but I understand why that doesn’t seem possible. It seems absurd to the normies but for most of us there are at least some times when we can’t trust our own minds. But in this case as long as you don’t have diabetes you might as well have ice cream.

I have to agree with levi who thinks the voices are really ourselves. I once thought I was obeying the voice of my mother and just now realized it was my own voice, my own self who directed me.


Yeah Chordy. That’s been the hardest thing to accept that the foul mouthed, hate filled, messed up voices who sounded like someone else could somehow be me. But that is the case. I guess my mind is really good at simulating the voices of others. What it’s not good at is judging what’s really going on around me. And that’s partially where the delusions come from.

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I find that my voices have mellowed so much over the years. The better head space I get into the more neutral they become.

When I’m stressed or having a panic attack then they want to play nasty. But there have been some very serene times lately when even the voices are almost positive affirmations. That is almost as odd to me as the negative hate of the old days.

It’s all still there as far as voices and hallucinations but it’s just not bad scary stuff. It’s not twisted faces coming out of the wall’s anymore, it’s an old cat just padding around. I sort of like my imaginary cat now.

I can see why you call it the head circus…my voices weren’t quite as comical, in fact I had three, two which were trying to get me to kill myself and one which was 17-year-old me talking to me. 17 year old me was cool and I kinda miss him sometimes, but the other two had to go. They were straight up evil muthafuckas and I pop a cap of Geodon in they ass twice a day yo

They weren’t all fun and games and I do have a few that really freak me out. But as I’ve gotten older and more stable they have sort of mellowed.


if i’d have done what melanie brown’s voice asked me to do, i would’ve committed suicide years ago. i tend to ignore their requests these days unless they’d like to help me around the house, then i don’t mind.