Just Get Out

There’s nothing like when your wife’s friends come over to visit with their hyperactive children and won’t ■■■■■■■ take the hint to leave (I’m making supper for chrissakes). Oh, and the women are visiting in one room while I’m caring for the spawn of Satan in another.

Piss off already.



No fair,

Sounds like you need a deliverance.


They’ll leave soon.

Finally left, but the fettucini carbonera was wrecked by that point.


The other day I had unexpected visitors late at night.

I had already taken my meds so sedation was kicking in. My SO was having a drink with them. I just went to bed without even saying goodnight. They apparently left after.

I hate it when people can’t take a hint, especially if you start making dinner and they’re still hanging around. Even worse when they won’t control their children. I see that a lot actually, so many people have children and just let them run amok doing whatever they want, being as noisy and loud as they want. Why did they even have kids if they aren’t planning on doing any actual parenting. It is rude to let your child run around in someone else’s house causing drama.

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