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Just been hospitalized for a relapse, been in 5 weeks. I’ve been schizophrenic for 11 or so years. A few weeks ago my diagnosis changed to schizoaffective disorder. I think schizoaffective is harder than plain old schizophrenic. Add in a mixed episode with mood plus all schizo symptoms far out :sweat::fearful:


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Thanks :blush: this part of the forum is gold

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I don’t know my diagnosis anymore

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I really don’t know my diagnosis anymore either.

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I hate not knowing but at the same time its a kind of relief. I feel stuck in limbo.

Diagnoses are just boxes pdocs put you in to better be able to find a solution that works. No one case will ever be the same and a lot of symptoms carry over. Theu do their best but even pdocs are people. (Hard to believe sometimes)

I like my diagnoses because they explain a lot about me and my so called disease

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To some people having a hangnail should be a disability.