Just found out at least one of grandfathers was an alcoholic

This news comes actually at a helpful time, when I’m going through a lot of weird family issues. (it will help me raise awareness)

It also explains why my Dad is a workaholic.

And, chances are, at least one person in your family tree going back hundreds of years, passed their trauma and their ■■■■ down to you at this very moment, which is why I recommend this book that I’ve heard good things about, and that I’m going to order once I have the “green”.

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I have an alcoholic Uncle on the same side of the family the schizophrenia is on. I found that I have food addictions myself including wheat, popcorn, and sugar. Even though I have never drank alcohol my condition has improved since I started taking tranzene which helps alcoholics withdraw. I am very afraid to drink alcohol because it’s pretty likely in my opinion that I am an alcoholic myself who has never confirmed my condition.

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That’s very kewl that you can say no to booze based upon it is the saner, happier, and healthier choice.

I said no to casino gambling my whole life until I married a Catholic late in the show, and now gambling has gotten into my life!


My grandfather (on my mother’s side) was an alcoholic too.

There was a TED talk about this passing of pain-bodies… Is what one of my group therapists called them…

The child mimics the adult… If the adult is psychologically dependent on something (manifests similarly as addictions)… The child is like to have a similar void to be filled by whatever dependency works best for them…

If you break the chain and do the tough thing… Without being overtly strict and seemingly afraid… You might be able to use reason to pass on all the info needed to make your progeny wise in the ways of coping with the presence of substances in life.

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