Just finished my out patient treatment

I just finished my out patient treatment. I wasn’t able to see a psychiatrist for medicine for a long time. Now I have meds and I’m feeling better! Now I have to go back to my normal school. Im a little scared. Has anybody else done out patient treatment? If so was it positive?Negative?


welcome to the boards Sarah123. Glad to hear you are stable and on meds.

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She isn’t new to the boards.

Congrats on getting healthy @Sarah123! That is so exciting. I haven’t been to a hospital, so, no help here, but, good luck!

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Thanks for your support :smile:


Congratulations @Sarah123, Good for you and I’m glad you hear that your feeling better.

Just like everything, you’ll get out of it what you put into it.

I have a feeling that your outpatient treatment will go better then mine. You sound more positive and ready to face this head on.

When I was in outpatient treatment, I was in a very negative head space and just wanted to be left alone… I was very uncooperative and my doc at the time was very frustrated with me and the fact that I resisted all his best efforts. Back then it didn’t go well.

But that was me back then… the angry young man I was back then… who is NOT the person I am now.

When I got rid of my anger and my resentment and started to embrace healing… life got better and the CBT, the therapy, the vocational training… all became very positive things in my life.

Good luck and I have a feeing you will have a very positive time and get back to your life very soon.

Hello Sarah, what is outpatient treatment. Is it when you’re treated in the community? Congrats on your recovery… :smiley:


Outpatient vs. Inpatient and everything else in between…

Just a bit of over view about some of the vast modes of getting help to others.

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i’ve done partial hospitalization programmes and intensive outpatient. i’m now doing day programme, which is basically the “lightest” option. all were helpful on some level, though it was very difficult-impossible for me to see that at the time with partial. it was just exhausting to me each time i did it.

Glad you’re feeling better and done with your outpatient treatment :sunny:

I did outpatient treatment for a while several years ago, I guess I’d say it’s what you make of it. You really have to take advantage of what support they have to offer in order to make it work for you as a springboard of sorts back into normal life…whatever that is for you.

I’d say it was mostly positive in my experience and even where it was negative it was what I was making of it at the time really.