Just failed my engineering exam

I’m so close to getting my engineering degree, this is my last semester of engineering and I just failed my exam this morning. I’m really afraid I’m going to fail out, any study tips or med combinations that work well for studying?

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L-theanine + coffee combo.


I would talk to the university about getting some accommodations. You have to exercise all your options. If it is between failing and passing I would definitely see what the university can do for you. I don’t have any accommodations but I’m not on the verge of failing nor an engineering student.


I also failed my final exam in university and did poorly on some essays.

My doctor was able to write me a letter to the university asking for a bit of leeway. Perhaps if your entire situation is explained the same can be done.

It’s an option perhaps. I wish I had more advice. I hope this is of some help.

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Like everhopeful said, get help from disability office at your school.

What field of engineering do you study and which exam have you failed?

I was studying mechanical, but I switched to a general engineering degree. I had design of mechanical components this morning, basically a mechanics of materials class

I was a brilliant mechanical engineer but this illness made me forget what I learned, do you have notes of class or any friend to help you?
When you can take the exam again?

Not many friends in class and I’m not sure if I can take the exam again, we’ll see how it goes. I have notes but my memory is absolutely terrible

Don’t let the discouragement stop you from trying again… you can enroll elsewhere and transfer the credit in…

Keep studying while the issues are still present in the mind.

When I was in an engineering program one of my sisters friends (who was years older than me) and an apparent wiz kid… wound up retaking calc II (I mean measily calc II) again at the same time I was… lol he actually passed a cheat sheet to me before a test.

I was like “Dude, what are you doing in here?” and he offered no explanation, but was smiling at the irony that he had to retake the course…

Engineering courses are among the most challenging collegiate pursuits… because it’s profoundly empowering, profitable, and competitive… they’re in a position to really add difficulty just to filter everything down to the best people for the job… not the ones with best understanding… but the best ones to work in the field as it is…

I recently heard smarter people have fewer friends. It is always good to have a study partner and close competition!

Sometimes we often panick stress out and worry. Try doing something fun. Study a little bit and do something fun again. Take a nap and relax and study a lttle. Mainly on the things your weak in.

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