Just Drove Down to the Local Gas Station for a Coffee

As I’m getting out of my car, a young man approached me and asked if I could buy him a coffee inside. I said “Sure, lets go”

He told me he had a damaged back and was on morphine and on his way to the hospital. I asked if he also wanted a donut, but he said no. I gave him $5 along with the coffee for the Bus and a couple of cigarettes.

He seemed like a really sweet guy who was just down on his luck so I was happy to help him out. Sometimes you just gotta pay it forward, baby! :slight_smile:


I told him that strangers have helped me out of jams when I was in some tight spots and wished him well with his hospital appointment.

I’ve walked in his shoes before…sometimes you just need a coffee to kickstart your day!


It’s funny. In lieu of money, I always give panhandlers cigarettes instead. One woman at a traffic stop last year asked me for money so I handed her a couple of smokes. She wagged her finger at me and said, “No. no. no! You shouldn’t smoke!”

She was right, but the irony that I was scolded by a street person wasn’t lost on me.


What time is it in Canadia anyways?

(The whole purpose of this post is so I could say “Canadia”)

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It’s 7:09 in the morning.

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that was lovely of you @PatrickT


You’re an hour ahead of me.

That was nice of you @PatrickT, it is always good to have a good interaction with a stranger.


Sorry if you felt like I was knocking down your country, wasn’t my intention. Always good to read your posts.

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I haven’t been to Canadia since 1969. The contryside and farmlands are lovely too!

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