Just dropping by

Well usually when I don’t visit, that a sign things are going well.
Ok I finally did quit my job in December. I left on very good terms after 18 years. I trained my replacement and I can say I have no regrets.
I had 2 careers in one so it was good. I worked over 30 years so now I can retire.
I just can’t Take full time competitive employment any more. The stress was killing me all through 2016.
I’ve always been a good tax paying citizen.
But now I’m done. I did it!
Volunteer work for me now.


Great accomplishment Congratulations…


Good for you @katwomansz! Hope things continue great for you.
Stop by more often, I miss your posts.

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It surely is a good sign! Congratulations, katwomansz.

Best wishes to your retirement.

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That’s wonderful! Congratulations! :tada:

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