Just did a local job search, which job would you guess pays more?

a quality control chemist or an entry level manufacturing associate?


Surely that one ?


nope that one is $14 dollars an hour here in my current town, and the entry level manufacturing associate is $21/hr in my hometown. couldn’t believe it myself. jobs don’t pay as much as in this little town.

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and i can get $10 dollars an hour to mow grass and pick up trash at the rv park, and $12 dollars an hour to work at the casino haha. i think i may apply for that entry level manufacturing position, or maybe not?

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I think that if I go far enough in my bodybuilding quest I might try to get a physical job like a porter or
a stocker.


I would rather be a chemist. Thats a low paying job though. Does it require a bs in chemistry lol? Warehouse jobs pay 15+ an hour in ca. Its hardwork though. Some pay 24 the better companies plus benefits i think.

Im looking into electrician apprenticeship some day. Im a part time helper. No benefits. My step father is really old now. Im greatful but not sure if its long term or permanent.

I have a long ways to go. 5 year apprenticeship. My step father taught my step brother automation and helped my half brother with business. Hes a great guy.

Im still learning tools even the names of them.

Cost of living is outrageous here. 500k plus for a new home. Eventually ill move to texas or florida and have my own electrician contractor company. Thats my dream.

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I heard you could easily get a job as a cooler in a las vegas casino if you take equvialent to 20mg zyprexa or more. Jk :slight_smile:

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