Just diagnosed

Hey I had my psychotic break in October. My mind was so healthy before this illness…could watch tv…do projects…enjoyed life to the fullest. Now it fells I’m stuck in a new world where information is jumbled…and when it gets bad I scream holding my head I’m only 21 and just fell like things were not meant to be this way. I don’t hear voices but fell my head scream of sorts. I’m on 400 mg of seroquil. Is there anyone that can relate


I just got diagnosed late November. I’m 22. I understand the feeling. I felt like I was so healthy prior until I took a long hard look at myself and realized I’d been suffering for years in silence. I hope the meds are helping you some, at least!

There not really just maybe take the edge of. I get a lot of suicidal thoughts when I go really psychotic. I’ve been in the psych ward since November last year since it’s new years day here. I don’t want to go back they can’t help me anymore.



Mine was later.

It progresses and try to be vigilant

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You’ve come to the right place. Schizophrenics of all types are on this site. Hopefully they will quickly find you med’s that work for you and keep you stable. Maintaining a good quality of life in spite of our disease is what it is all about.


Yeah I’m 21 and male. The psychotic break was quick and I thought bugs were out to get me like germs I could still function at this stage and then sleep problems came I wasn’t sleeping to the point I went psychotic and police and a ambulanc picked me up on my street early in the morning and I haven’t been the same since.

Welcome to the forum @Manonmoon and Happy New Year!

You’ll find that folks here are friendly and helpful.

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Thanks people. Is it usually come on at 21 in males.

Mine was slow gradual decline then symptoms


Was it drugs?

That’s the age it hit me.

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No never been a drug person

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Are my symptoms meant to clear up. I can barely have a shower anymore without effort. How are there schizophrenic people working and married and happy. Maybe I’m just early in the problem.

I was once told it will go from bad to worse

From worse to better

From better to better yet


And would you say you cope well day to day. Because I myself can’t and maybe that’s because I haven’t learnt or my brain still has to get better I don’t know

Things can get better. It just takes time and the right meds; sometimes lifestyle changes are needed, as well. If you had your first psychotic break in October, you’re still very early on in finding the right combination of meds for you. Everyone is different, and everyone reacts differently to the different meds. Give yourself some time to heal; like I said, things can get better. Welcome to the forum, btw.


Thanks scoobasteve

Thought this was cute haha
Welcome to the forum!
I hope things clear up for you.

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There’s things to keep in mind. A psychotic break can often be followed by depression, and meds can make people have no drive or attention (they slam dopamine which contributes to drive and attention). Now seroquel is a good choice for sleep, but it is known to make people “zombies” if taken in the morning.

Maybe message me if you have a question, I would like to share with you how one survives with this if you could benefit from how I know a bit more than most about meds and lifestyle, therapies and basically, recovery.

And yes people live normally with it. I am rather dark, but I do very well in what I apply myself to, and no, I wasn’t always like this, I was just like you with despair when it hit me full blown at 18. It takes work, which pays off with getting better. You sound good, but right now is the hardest part of it. I am inclined to blame medications for strong negative symptoms, hell on zyprexa or saphris I had a pot of coffee and then went to sleep!

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I’m sorry the meds aren’t helping much. I’m early in the stages of getting mine medicated, so I get what you mean with them taking the edge off. :frowning: Everyone here is lovely. I hope you find meds that work well for you, and we’re here for you whenever you need it.


Yes I have in mornings and fell flat all day no laughter or joy really depressed. I’m out of the hospital now. There’s been a few days I can function well. But also time speed up sometimes. I go to bed on the seroquil and fell like one second and it’s morning. My Dr at the ward wanted me on 600mg at night I refused. And left the ward 2 days ago. Yesterday I had a episode asking my Dad to shoot me to help me “turn it off” and had to take seroquil to calm down to a state of normality. It’s just a strange world I’m in now and I want to turn back time and be in my old brain. But I guess it’s gone for good now. I don’t hear voices though maybe sometimes before going to sleep I do. But also my thoughts fell jammed like they never used to.