Just Diagnosed - Extremely Manic - Alogia

I was just diagnosed with Schizophrenia, I am extremely manic, I suffer from Alogia, I can’t think right. The problem was that I was previously diagnosed and treated for Bipolar Disorder, until now my psychiatrist revised her diagnosis to schizophrenia, I am in a new med but I just started a few days ago. I will like to know if I will recover my way of processing my thoughts and information, will ever be the well spoken and verbally advanced I used to be?
Please let me know if I will ever be myself again.

Just diagnosed was a very confusing time. Everything seemed up in the air. Everyday was a new gift from the head circus. For me, it took a long time of therapy, meds, and relearning a lot of stuff I took for granted before my on set. I know I write 100% better then I talk. I don’t have poverty of thought I still have so much in my head. But it won’t come out of my mouth. I’m stable and getting to the point of thinking of speech therapy or speech classes. I too want to be well spoken again.

I used to use writing to communicate to my doctor because I had a hard time telling him what was happening with me. Plus, I gave me time to write down symptoms I might have forgotten to mention in the 20 minutes I have with him. I didn’t want him thinking I had poverty of thought.

Plus, for me, it might be a confidence thing. People I feel comfortable with and live with think I’m communicating OK. New people… I can hardly get into the conversation.

you will, in my case; I reached a point where I couldn’t add two digits without using my fingers to count and still be confused, where I couldn’t respond to a “hello” or “how are you”, most of what I said was “yes” or “no”, sometimes I forgot my name, and I lost a year of memory…you will get up on your feet some day and be able to fight back, be strong, we all have been there, even if schizophrenia never washes away you will be able to lift your head up and act like normal…I wish you recover shortly 2try4cure.