Just curious if this is a respected test or not



I think the only reliable way is a blood test.


I’ve done a lot of blood testing. Is it normal to test for vitamins or do I have to ask specifically for a vitamin test?


I’m not sure. :confused:


They normally test for certain vitamins and minerals, but you have to get special requests for others. An online test will never be valid.


Thanks @ninjastar


I asked for a vitamin and mineral test and never got one.


Did you ask your psychiatrist for a vitamin and mineral test? Or primary care doctor?


I asked my primary care doctor. Well actually I asked the front desk when I made my yearly appointment. Then I asked my primary care doctor at the appointment and she just ran away.


My doctor has a micronutrient test. Is that similar?


What did you find out from the micronutrient test?


Never did it. I think I would have to pay out of pocket.


Yeah, you usually have to pay out of pocket for any tests beyond what your doctor recommends.