Just checking in!

hi guys! been gone a couple months, heres why:

tapered off meds between winter and was completely off by late april, had some intense withdrawals but had to do it as i had a lot of bad symptoms even on subtherapeutic doses of abilify. started feeling better after a while but had to withdraw from my class due to withdrawals.

realized i no longer wanted to be on the forum as i became able to enjoy other things on the internet and in life.

while positive and negative sx are no longer present, i still have issues with focus and memory which make it hard to do some of the things i used to.

for anxiety i might take a tiny dose of ativan, other than that can no longer really handle even small doses of aps.

still have feelings of very mild paranoia at times which dont interfere with my life.

i’m much more amiable and laid back than ive ever been, even before diagnosis

though i still suffer from symptoms which make it hard for me to do some stuff, i feel like i’ve improved tenfold

gonna see my pdoc for the first time in months in late august, hopefully all goes well :crossed_fingers:t5:

hope the regulars are doing good! i know the lineup tends to change over time.

personally doing better, but hanging on :clap:t5:


Glad you are back.


Keep it up… :slight_smile:


@Anon10 well done man… wow med free life…!!!


What’s up gorrister


Glad to hear from you

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Good to hear from you @Anon10!
Don’t be a stranger!


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