Just came back from the dentist

I brush my teeth almost everyday but I eat and drink lots of sugar. They did cleaning and fixed 2 cavities, 8 remaining cavities to fix. Last time they tested for cavities was 10yrs ago and I just had 1 non urgent cavity so I ignored it. I also stopped psych meds so didn’t see a dentist in almost 8 years. Last time I went to the dentist was 2yrs ago, they only did cleaning and didn’t test for cavities.


I have upcoming apts to fix the remaining cavities.


I go to the dentist when I have tooth aches and have the tooth removed… I lost a lot I think last year and it was hard to eat so I got the rest of my upper teeth removed and dentures put in, I was glad my mouth was healed before my wedding!

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It’s definitely a good idea to maintain your teeth Aziz. It’s easy to lose them when you get older if you don’t. I have lost more than I would like to have but plan to keep the rest for quite awhile hopefully.

Thankfully, the ones I have lost are in the rear and not the front.

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i haven’t been to the dentist in 19 years, since i was 18, i had a few cavities as a kid, but i think i would rather have a cavity than mercury in my mouth.

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