Just been offered to apply for a job at my supported living company

The area manager just emailed me and said there is a job going and I will be paid to do it as well as trained but it won’t affect my disability benefits. She said I would be ideal to do it thats why she emailed me. The role is called Expert by experience auditing services. I don’t know what it involves but its traveling around other supported living complexes and doing auditing. I’m pretty stoked about it so just sent my application back.


Good luck with your application. It sounds like an interesting role.

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The area manager said good luck too she will be routing for me.

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Best of luck with it @bobbilly !

That sounds like a great opportunity, good luck!

good luck =) 151515

Heard of that before. Debbie above who has a learning delay does similar. She enjoys it - cos fellow service users prefer advice from people in a similar situation. Her money is managed as well, and if nothing else it pays for her weekly shopping.

Best of luck.

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That sounds cool , im thinking about going to school for a 8 class health and human rights certificate , for now just have my lawn care and hauling business.

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