Just been enjoying some iced coffee

Percol Fairtrade Iced Coffee Flat White 4x235ml
£5.00/unit from Sainsburys.

Would be 6.31 if converted to . It’s really good . I was in two minds about buying it because it seemed expensive , but my stepdaughter said I should treat myself.


Yum! Glad you like it! Good to see you making a post about something you’re doing! Proud of you!

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I find it hard to post about what I’m doing as I don’t do much. 95%+ of my awake time I’m on my laptop , and most of my activity revolves around that.

I understand. I always appreciate when you talk about your stepdaughter. :slight_smile:


Sounds good. Not really a fan of the iced coffee but will drink a couple a day. Treating yourself is good. Life is pretty boring without something nice to lift ones spirits.


My brother makes his own on special occasions. They are pretty guten. Im a fan of mcdonalds $1 iced coffee days special.

ah i miss ice coffee i liked the ones from mcdonalds vanilla or caramel with an espresso shot added. but now im caffeine free so now its on to chocolate milk :smile:

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