Just been diagnosed

Diagnosed about a month ago, 30+ years with OCD diagnoses with meds that didn’t help. Ultimately diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia ( still not used to spelling it) which really makes a lot of sense looking at the past years. Shame that this took so long a lot of wasted years not on the right meds. I see some other posts like this too.


Welcome!! This site is addictive, be careful :slight_smile:


Hi! Nice to meet you @tryinghard What meds are you on?

Thanks to both its an active site for sure and that’s good…
Its a very scary illness really shocked when I got the diagnosis and reading a lot about it. I don’t get voices etc but do get a lot of other very upsetting symptoms


On ziprasidone 80mg

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Welcome! I’m relatively new here too. I like it though. Hope the meds help!

Welcome! Hopefully the change in dx helps a lot.

Thanks for reply joshm, its a lonely illness. Suffered a lot over the last year yes the meds make a big difference I keep getting kind of forced to do things so destructive. You think you are the only crazy guy on the planet!

Very interested in meds and dosage with others

Also what helps others just all ears

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Welcome home! :slight_smile:

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welcome to the forum. There’s a lot of good info here. Enjoy your time here.

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I’m on haloperidol 15 mg pill and 100 mg/ml injection every 4 weeks.

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How did you go from being dxed with ocd to being dxed with sz?

And ofc welcome


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