Just because your paranoid doesnt mean they arent after you

any one know where that saying is from the topic…in the last week somebody tried opening my door 2 times. i live at the end of the apartment so im sure the person is just really high or dumb or both… i wanna move i heard 2 fist fights outside my building i witnessed one of them…the guy below me is a real piece of work yelling thru the floor when i drop a can of soup on the ground wtf and banging on my door and telling me to keep it down u dont wanna see me again thats wut he said… i wanna move so f…ing bad i see drug addicts always walking into my apartment building its just not good for my mental health… if i was sick mentally oh my i would be feeling so screwed… not that i dont now… my land lord expects 1600 from me for the patio damage from cigs… she tried evicting me and i took her to court and the first thing the judge told my slumlord was isent that what damage deposit is for…so now she thinks im gonna pay her the 1600 when i move out but boy oh boy shes got another thing coming…my keyboard doesnt let me put question marks so sorry peeps

I think I remember the phrase “you arent paranoid if they really are after you” from a movie. May have been that one with Mel Gibson, not sure. let me try to find

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I’m pretty sure that advanced aliens haven’t crossed a galaxy to stick nanotech up ma booty. My paranoia is definitely unwarranted.

Conspiracy theory is the film I was thinking of. Dont feel like tracking down the exact quote. Dont know if thats what you were referring to

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Hmm…i cant seem to find the quote from that film. Maybe I am just remember it from promos.

it is so hard to listen to people telling me its in my head when i see visual nsa agents right in front of me

sounds like a George Throughgood song.
I read it. sorry to hear. no advice.

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I lived in a rotten place like that once. It had no air conditioning. It was overrun with cockroaches. Most of the neighbors were ok, but there were some real basket cases too. There was a guy there who would crank his stereo at two o’clock in the morning. We got into a fight. I could have handled him easily, except that my wind was so bad. I still kicked his ass, but I would have kicked it a lot worse if I wasn’t so short of breath. This place was the upstairs of an old house. It had a hallway with five rooms off it.


Whoever said, “Sometimes the paranoids have real enemies caused me a lot of anxiety.”

I won’t say it then, Crimby. I really can’t anyway.

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Nirvana - Territorial Pissings lyrics… That’s where I heard it

Just because you’re paranoid
Don’t mean they’re not after you

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