Just bc i wouldnt answer the door

my friend is driving me bonkers, she wont leave me alone,

last night i wanted a night in to myself and she just wouldnt go,

this morning she is back at my door saying she phoned the police bc she thought i was suicidal which is rubbish, i told her last night i would meet her at 1pm today but she is not listening to me :frowning:

she is gone now but the police might be coming over

You must be feeling smothered by her.

yes, she is smothering me :frowning:

Maybe have a chat with her, like a sweet chat so she doesn’t feel like you’re turning your back on her. About boundaries, it’s not okay to call the police like that, you can get in trouble.

thanks minnii, i tried talking to her, i have tried to ask her nicely to leave but it wasnt working,

yeah i know, i thought maybe it was wasting police time or something :confused:

she said she genuinely thought i had od’d though

Od’d on what? o.O Oh sorry, still sleepy, I get it now.

yeah, try to talk to her again and say it’s not okay to do that. Tell her that you don’t mean to hurt anyone or yourself, but you just need some alone time.

idk minni, she just thought that bc i wasnt answering the door that i had taken an overdose of something

Seems like a good friend, but even with good friends we need our space.

well last night i had told her not to come over this morning but she came over anyway and said i had od’d to the police, she s a good friend but she wont be for ong if she keeps this up, i showed no signs of committing suicide last night and it was her that has been saying she doesnt want to go on and stuff so wtf, its really hard just now

i’m going to get a sign on the door ‘dont worry i’m not dead if i dont answer the door’ lol

Wow, that sounds though.


did the police ever show up?

Did she just recently learn about your mi? She may be having a hard time to adjust - wanting to protect you. People go overboard when they don’t know how to react.

no, the police didnt show up i dont think unless i was out at the time, i’ve known her for years and i’m trying to get some time for myself.

Yea that can happen, some people jump the gun :wink:
I once had university security show up, because I was in the shower and didn’t hear my phone.

Although I have saved a friend on a few occasions by being slightly over the top, it was necessary at the time but a hard call!

You have a new username?! How?
I recognize the avatar.

Who are you referring to?

My username has been the same for months, although admin changed it for me to be less obvious. i.e. not my name :wink:

My avatar is a old pic of me at the SU bar at my old Uni!

Maybe I just didn’t notice the change til’ now in the username. But when I seen you post and the avatar I recognized that, just not the username. Part of my cognitive dysfunction - some things stick, most do not.

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