Just an idea... or two

i rediscovered two very helpful techniques today that i thought you may find helpful and even enjoy.

One practice is called fear following where in order to deal with a fear you ask yourself more questions about it and go deep in to it. For example if you had a fear that someone was going to kill you, you could go into it and then ask “well what would happen if i did die?” then maybe you’d think “my family would be devastated” then you’d ask another question such as " and so what would happen if my family were devastated" then you might think " well people would support them and they’d get over it "etc… an you basically just keep going with it until it dissolves the fear. I found it very helpful and relaxing

Practicing fear following got me feeling me emotions again most of the results were great but I also realized that the voices have got me thinking about myself too much to try and protect myself . I thought the only other alternative was to get furious at the harassment and wish unkind things on the voices.

Luckily I decided to try metta meditation (loving kindness meditation) on the voices. I started practicing briefly on myself saying " may I be happy , may i be healthy, may i be free" etc and then wishing the same for someone i love, someone i felt neutral about, and then someone i was having difficulty with, namely the voices. Then when they barked their anger at me i wished them loving kindness halfheartedly and then realized to be loving to them i needed to wish them to be kind for both mine and their sake. After that I finished off by wishing loving kindness to all living creatures.

It was very satisfying, especially being able to be kind to someone (voices) even when they are cruel. I think at tiimes it could be helpful doing metta out loud (in the case that the voices put down your metta meditation, which they have done to me before).

Anyway, yeah… I shared the metta meditation because I feel it’s a great alternative to having the voices mold us.

Good luck, I hope you find these techniques helpful! :smiley:

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