Just a thanks

I used to post here a lot, some years ago I think, when my diagnosis was up in the air still. Eventually it turned out that my symptoms were trauma-related, lots of panic attacks, some flashback stuff, lots of dissociative issues, possible DID “fragments” and such, etc. So I ultimately decided to move on from these forums, since this is supposed to be a safe haven for people with schizophrenia and other forms of psychosis related challenges.

But, I just wanted to pop in for a moment, because I was going through image files on my computer, and I found this one. Honestly I can hardly remember any of the conversations I had here, though I can vaguely remember that I was very fond of the people here and really enjoyed talking with them, and how I looked forward to it very often. My memory is just sometimes a very tricky thing in general. But when I came across this image in my files, I remembered that someone here had made this for me, it is of them and then I am the turnip in the drawing from my username.

And I can remember that it really meant something to me, though I can’t really remember exactly why, but just that it really meant something to me, enough so that I saved it and have kept it all this time. Finding it in my image files and remembering some of those moments really made me smile and made my night. I scrolled through my history to see if I could find the person who made it, and it appears that their username was Sharp.

So I just wanted to say thank you to the soul who made this for me back then and others who were here. I can’t remember much of the details, but I can remember from the way I feel seeing the image that the drawing and the overall interactions I had with people here really meant something to me at a time in my life when it was important.



You wrote a lot of stuff which I found motivating and were one of the factors which helped me a lot, so thank you, I remember you and I feel that we are now alike. Like you my memory is poor in many areas of life…but I’m happy and that’s all that matters.

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