Just a quick check-in

I’m getting into a facility to live until I can go to a place called the Alpine house. The facility I’m going to is a residential, but you have more freedom. The place is NOT locked down like hospitals, and they have a huge campus. I also get to have my computer/tablet there as well. This could be one of the best things I have done. I’m looking forward to going.


Good luck in your new surroundings. I hope it helps. I made the rounds of group homes, residential treatment homes and long term hospitals in the eighties. They weren’t all bad and they had some nice perks. On the first day at some of them it was like summer camp, we were all young and we were going through the same things and it wasn’t even that scary. It wasn’t all fun but in the long run, I guess they helped me to get where I am now. Good luck again.

Good luck, sounds like you’re on the right track.

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I’m glad your looking forward to it.

It sound like it will be a supportive and positive place for you.

I’m glad your keeping in touch.

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Good for you, I hope you like it there.

**Good luck @psychoticteen-hope this will be a positive experience for you! :pray: **

Thank you all, I’m going tomorrow!