Just a little story

I drank on and off for years, with schizophrenia, not really heavily though but I got drunk a lot. But I had a problem with crack and I knew I needed help. I dabbled around in AA and CA for a year before I got serious about quitting, I knew I had to stop doing all drugs or alcohol. I was living in a group home in1990. I made a couple friends there and we partied. One day I was walking down the street and I met up with a former resident of the home. We bought a couple six-packs of beer and we sitting in a parking lot behind a car drinking. I remember holding up a beer and announcing, “This is the last beer I will ever drink”.
And since that day in 1990 I have not touched alcohol or drugs.


Wow, that is very cool. I didn’t have that sort of conviction.

Alcohol was sort of just taken from me after I woke up in hospital 6 years ago and my kid sis was more then freaked out… and I was so sedated and detoxed and on and on
I did get to strongly tell my head… this is the last.

The start of my sobriety was sort of an accident. It was after it began to take a hold and I was feeling better with out whiskey and sicker with it that I just found I couldn’t drink anymore.

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That’s wonderful. You must have great self control and a great determination. I’m very happy to hear that this"story" had a happy ending.